• CITY DEDICATED TO RESEARCH: Milano is a city of excellence in the field of engineering, sciences and research and it can rely on strong connection with prestigious universities in Italy.
  • CITYWIDE MARKETING SUPPORT: The city Authorities would be honoured to host the WCEE Congress 2024 and benefits will be guaranteed to its delegates.
  • HOST DESTINATION OF MEGA EVENTS: In 2015 Milano was ranked the best city in the world: over 21,5 million of people visited Milano during the six months of the Expo 2015. Milano will host, together with Cortina, the XXV Olympic Winter Games in 2026.
  • A CONGRESS VENUE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY: The MiCo, the largest Conference Centre in Europe, is conveniently located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by several hotels and efficiently served by public transport.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Milano with its three airports (Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio) is one of the best-connected international cities in the world. Thanks to a large infrastructure network, it will be easy getting around the city.
  • WIDE ACCOMMODATION NETWORK: As a glamourous and dynamic city, Milano has a wide network of hotels and accommodation facilities, providing 43,000 hotels rooms.
  • SAFE MILANO: Milano is one of the safest European cities.
  • AN INESTIMABLE ARTISTIC HERITAGE: Milano, Italy’s most industrious and lively city, is rich in history and culture and is home to inestimable artistic masterpiece famous all around the world, such as Leonardo’s The Last Supper.
  • THE WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE, FASHION AND DESIGN: Creativity is the engine that powers Milano. This modern city is moving forward, with a focus on innovation and technology, design and mobility. The Milano Design Week and The Milano Fashion Week are amongst the most important events internationally recognized.
  • THE “MILANO FACTOR” FOR YOUR CONFERENCE: International conferences held in Milano have been shown to feature an average attendance increase of 20% with respect to events organised elsewhere.

The Last Supper



La Scala Theatre

The WCEE delegates will have the chance to attend an exceptional evening at La Scala Theatre and enjoy the magic of a private performance at this celebrated Opera House



Eventing Milan Convention Bureau will be happy to offer to the 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering the following benefits:

  1. Free City desk in the registration area during the Congress, to provide:
    – city maps, guides and general information of the city, transport tickets, etc. booking services (for restaurants, taxi, shows)
    – selling public transport passes; museum tickets; city sightseeing tour; other destinations within 1 day or overnight trips.
  2. Welcome Desks at Linate Airport & at Malpensa Airport
  3. Public Transportation Tickets: support to obtain urban tickets for public transportation.