Conference participants will be given the unique possibility to attend an exceptional evening at the famous “La Scala” theatre. The celebrated Turandot opera show will be performed in the evening of Monday, July 1st.
There is no specific deadline for buying your tickets, however the Organisers’ suggestion is not to wait too long, given that the number of seats at this famous opera house is not limitless.

To get your ticket for the La Scala Theatre:


At a later stage, a tool for the selection of the booked seats will be made available by the Organising Secretariat.
Tickets are non refundable.

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan, universally known as La Scala, stands as a global cultural beacon, counted among the world’s most prestigious opera houses. Nestled in the heart of the Lombard metropolis, it is renowned for the high quality of its operatic and ballet productions. Since its opening in 1778, it has premiered operas that have become milestones in the history of classical music, attracting internationally renowned artists. Its neoclassical architecture, adorned with a lavish interior, mirrors the elegance and prestige that characterize it. La Scala is not just a theater but a symbol of Italian excellence in the performing arts.

La Turandot is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini, the Tuscan composer’s last work, left incomplete at his death in 1924 and subsequently completed by Franco Alfano. Its first performance took place at La Scala in Milan in 1926. Set in a mythical China, it tells the story of Princess Turandot, who imposes a cruel game on her suitors: solve three riddles to marry her or face death if they fail. The opera is famed for its rich orchestration, extraordinarily beautiful arias, including the renowned “Nessun dorma” and its intense psychological drama. La Turandot represents a pinnacle of late Romantic operatic tradition, admired for its grandeur and emotional depth.

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan asserts itself as a pillar of global operatic culture, a place where tradition and innovation meet to create moments of pure artistic magic. La Turandot, with its powerful narrative and unforgettable music, remains one of the most emblematic works in the La Scala repertoire, a masterpiece that continues to fascinate and move audiences worldwide.