Commitment to Sustainability


Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, and it is our collective responsibility to address them.

As the organizers of the WCEE2024 we understand that the urgency of our global challenges demands concrete actions to safeguard our planet and future generations, and we’re proud to share the initiatives we’ve put in place to make a meaningful difference:

Venue Selection: we have chosen a conference venue (Allianz MiCo) that aligns with our sustainability goals, prioritizing facilities with green certifications, energy-efficient infrastructure, and sustainable practices. You can check it here.

Partnerships: We are partnering with organizations and initiatives dedicated to sustainability to amplify our impact and leverage collective expertise in addressing global challenges.  

Few examples:

  • Sharing is caring: our Organising Secretariat AIM Group International share the WCEE 2024 Organisers’ ideals of commitment to sustainability. Together we can demonstrate that conferences can be not only platforms for knowledge exchange but also catalysts for positive environmental and social change. You can have a look at their sustainability programme here.
  • Sustainable Catering: food choices have a profound impact on both human health and the environment. That’s why we partner with local, organic, and sustainable food vendors. The menus’ choice prioritize local and seasonal options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable agriculture.
  • Food for Good: coffee breaks and meals during conferences are a pleasant opportunity of conviviality, where taste, high quality and abundance are starring. If the food is not completely consumed, it will be donated for the purpose of social solidarity. In cooperation with the catering company based in the WCEE conference venue, the surplus food will be recovered and then delivered to charitable organizations (shelters, soup kitchens and refugee centres) assisting people in need.
  • Recycled materials: we are committed to reducing waste and using recycled material, wherever feasible. The WCEE conference lanyard are made of recycled polyester, while conference bags are made of natural cotton and badges are printed on certified recycled paper. Furthermore, badges and lanyards will be collected at the end of the conference to be sent-back to the suppliers for a new recycle process.

Digital alternatives: wherever feasible, we embrace digital alternatives to traditional printed materials. By offering digital programs, conference App and electronic attendance certificates we allow attendees to access information on-the-go without the need for printed materials.

Through collaboration, we can achieve greater results than by acting alone. We invite all participants, sponsors, speakers, and stakeholders to join us in our commitment to sustainability.

Together, we can make a difference.