UPDATE (14th June 2024): The online platform that presenting authors may use to upload their presentations has just been launched, and will remain open until the 25th of June 2024. We urge authors to use this facility so as to avoid congestion at the Slides Centre during the week of the Conference. We note also the following:

  • Only presenting authors can access the platform, using the email address registered with the conference.
  • You must create a password upon first login (for your convenience, it may match your Conference Participant account password, but must be re-entered due to privacy regulations).
  • We encourage the use of multiple-slide presentations for both Stage presentations (delivered in a room to seated attendees), as well as Monitor presentations (presented in the ‘virtual walkway’ to standing attendees).
  • While we provide, for convenience, a simple optional template, you are welcome to use your organisation’s template, provided it follows the 16:9 format.
  • If your presentation includes videos or animations, please visit the Slides Centre during the conference to ensure compatibility with our systems. Note: Personal laptops cannot be used for Plenary or Technical Session presentations.


In the first half of June, we will be providing here the necessary instructions on where and how to upload the presentations; this will be announced through a newsletter sent to all conference participants.
For what concerns a possible presentation template, this is not something that we wish to impose, given that many authors need to use the templates provided by their own organisations, which have their own branding/communication rules and guidelines. Nonetheless, for those that will be so interested, we have prepared this simple template.